5 Best Floating Restaurants in Dubai

Dubai, one of the emirates of the United Arab Emirates, is a top tourist destination. According to Forbes, it is ranked in the top 10 most visited cities of the world. It is a very diverse city with people living and visiting from every part of the world without much worry or trouble. Dubai also happens to be the fastest developing city globally, and no one can argue with this fact considering it was merely a desert about 60 years back. Since then, they have evolved so much, which is truly remarkable. It is a motivation for other countries who are in their initial stages of development.

One of the reasons that make Dubai a must-visit is its restaurants. They provide the best cuisine from around the world. Many might argue that they are overpriced. But we think that given their service and food, they are well worth the price. There are floating restaurants as well, which provide an ultra-dining experience which you should try out.

Floating Restaurants!

It is a restaurant that is built on a vessel. Instead of calling them a floating restaurant, they are known as dhow cruise dinners in UAE. You will find many dhow cruises in Dubai that provide the ultimate experience. The ships are of ideal size, neither big nor too small. We encourage you to try the dhow cruise dinner whenever you find yourself in Dubai.

Top Floating Restaurants in Dubai

Let us look at the top 5 floating restaurants in Dubai:

1. Deira Creek Dhow Cruise

Deira Creek Dhow cruise dinner ensures that customers enjoy a remarkable view of the UAE. The journey begins from Urban Creek | Marina to the Arabian Ocean and covers the shoreline of the Gulf of Persia, which makes your trip an experience which you’ll never forget. The boat has an air-conditioned lower deck and an open-air upper deck. It is a two-hour journey, and they provide a pick and drop facility to and from your hotel or residence. The food is lavish as they offer international buffets along with seafood. The price for a single adult is around $43 and for a single child is $33.

2. Happy Smiles Floating Restaurant

Happy Smiles is a Deira creek cruise that offers a dinner dhow cruise for only $10, which is quite low. It includes a 60-minute Dubai creek cruise and has an air-conditioned lower deck along with an open-top deck. Kids below 3 years are allowed free entry. They offer drinks when you board the ship, along with unlimited cold drinks and water. It has a continental dinner buffet which you will enjoy. There are puppet shows as well for entertainment, along with soft music.

3. Alexandria Dhow Cruise

An award-winning floating restaurant that opened in 2008, it operates in Dubai Marina and offers some of the best views. Children below 5 are allowed free entry while adults have to pay $43, and for children, it is $27. For entertainment, songs are sung live along with a live dance which keeps the customers happy and excited. It is 2 hours ride from Dubai Marina. It offers a variety of salads and dishes, including grilled fish and grilled chicken. The food and the environment are excellent, certainly worth your money.

4. Ramee Floating Restaurant

It holds the record for the largest floating restaurant in the world, which can accommodate 250 passengers. It operates in Dubai creek and is a 120-minute beautiful and exciting ride. The price for adults is $91 and for children $60. Much expensive as compared to other floating restaurants, but it is worth spending money. It has live music on board along with Emirati and Tanoura Dance performances which keeps the passengers on their feet. It has a 5-star international and Emirate buffet which you certainly don’t want to miss as it is the most delicious and authentic food offered on Dubai floating restaurants.

5. Al Faris Floating Restaurant

Started operating in 2005, it is a wholly enclosed glass dhow which operates in Dubai Canal with a cruise of 120 minutes offering stunning views of the city and an excellent environment. It has live music performances to keep everyone entertained. It offers an excellent international buffet, along with a bar. The crew is known to be very friendly and cooperative.

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