Five Best Dining in Dubai 2021

According to stats and several renowned websites, Dubai is among the top 10 most visited places worldwide. Dubai and the rest of the UAE are a rare exception when it comes to the Middle East Region. One reason for Dubai’s popularity is its restaurants that offer international cuisines and a lot more. We recommend that you try Dubai’s floating restaurants for the ultimate experience.

What are Floating Restaurants?

They are restaurants that are based in a vessel/boat. In Dubai and the Middle East Region, these vessels are called ‘dhows’. The dhow restaurants are known as dhow cruise dinners. Within Dubai, two places offer this dining experience – Marina and the Deira Creek. Irrespective of whether you opt for dhow cruise creek dinner or the dhow cruise Marina dinner, you will have a lifetime experience unlike any other.

Now, let us get back to our topic.

5 Best Dining Places in Dubai

As said earlier, Dubai is well-known for its restaurants. Therefore, there is a lot of competition when selecting the best 5 dining places in Dubai. Nevertheless, we have managed to compile a list for you:

  1. Nathan Outlaw at Al Mahara
  2. Eauzone
  3. Al Hadheerah
  4. Pierchic
  5. Floating Restaurants

1. Nathan Outlaw at Al Mahara

Although it might appear like it is based undersea, that’s not the case. Nathan Outlaw offers one of the best seafood experiences anywhere in the world. For entertainment, you can look at the live aquarium. The Michelin-starred British chef’s cooking is something that will indeed leave you sucking your fingers. Their specialty is seafood, although other dishes are just as great. While there are several aquarium-themed restaurants worldwide, in our opinion, they don’t provide the dining experience as Outlaw.

2. Eauzone

Another must-try restaurant is the Eauzone. It is easily mistaken for a floating restaurant as it is perfectly built along with a pool. The Eauzone offers a memorable dining experience with the sea on one side and tasty food on the other. Even the entrance is mesmerizing. The designer outdid themselves with the walkway, appearing as if it is floating on the pool.

3. Al Hadheerah

This restaurant is a one-hour drive away from the Dubai airport. If you look at it from far away, it is quite easy to look the other way. The reason is that the restaurant is located in the dunes, offering live cooking under the stars. It is a perfect place for anyone looking to escape the hustling and bustling of the city. The live cooking combined with entertainment is truly a marvelous experience.

4. Pierchic

If you want a dining experience in an ambient environment, we recommend Pierchic. As the name indicates, it is at the end of a pier at the Jumeirah Al Qasr hotel. It is famous for its seafood. The interesting thing is that the fish is not caught beforehand. Instead, the restaurant catches the fish live for the best taste. While enjoying dinner, you can look at the beauty of the Arabian Gulf.

1.    Floating Restaurants – Dhow Cruise

Earlier, we talked about trying floating restaurants. Therefore, we have decided to include them in our top 5 restaurants in Dubai. You’ll be wondering about which one to try as there are so many options, right? Well, it is not easy to select a winner. The reason is that all dhow cruise dinners in Dubai offer a unique dining experience.

If you want to experience the old Dubai with its rich history and everything, you need to opt for the Deira Creek dhow cruise. If you want to enjoy the new Dubai with its new buildings, we recommend the Marina cruise dinners. Irrespective of the dhow you select, you’ll enjoy it.

Dubai is quite strict when it comes to standards. The authorities do not take lightly any incident that impacts Dubai’s image. Therefore, you can always expect top-quality food and other services. Most dhow cruise dinners in Dubai offer a buffet meal along with living performances.

Wrap Up

The next time you find yourself in Dubai, we request that you try these places right away. We can assure you that you will enjoy the food, entertainment, and overall experience. If you plan to try any one of these restaurants, we recommend that you call ahead for a reservation. It will save you the unwanted hassle. Good luck.

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