New Year Fireworks history

Since 2010, Burj Khalifa New year fireworks have become among the most iconic in the world. Watched by an estimated audience of 1 billion worldwide, the display, which takes place in Downtown Dubai on 31 December Every year.

In a sweeping expanse across the entire 500-acre Downtown Dubai neighborhood, the show expands in a spectacular visual display of pyrotechnics precisely choreographed to a content and light show and an eclectic soundtrack.

The show brings artistic interpretations to life through Burj Khalifa’s massive LED façade, synched to The Dubai Fountain.

The celebrations are televised nationally and globally. You can also enjoy from Dhow Cruise with BBQ Dinner on board to witness the event.

Few things in life are pure, unadulterated fun, and this fascinating experience is undoubtedly one of them!

Why do people love Dubai as a New Year’s​​​​​​​ Eve Destination?

It’s the biggest night of the year & tourists from all over the world are flocking to Dubai to celebrate New Year’s Night.

It’s the one night a year where the entire world comes alive. The one night a year, where people who hate crowds might tolerate having thousands of people around them, just to catch a glimpse of the world famous Burj khalifa firework show.

Burj Khalifa’s first ever New Year’s Eve firework display was, in typical Dubai fashion, an attempt to break the world record for the highest firework show in the world, with 1,000 metre high fireworks that kicked off just before midnight.

UAE travellers are certainly travelling abroad more, and more adventurously. Yet, domestic travel within the UAE remains the most popular choice.

Firework Displays across the Emirate

People in the UAE just love burj khalifa fireworks. Every year, Dubai gears up for glittering displays all over the emirate, including at the Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, Atlantis the Palm, Dubai Festival City, La Mer, Al Seef, The Beach and the Dubai Frame.

The fireworks are usually quite spectacular in Dubai and can be seen from distances. Thousands of people gather to see the bright shows, whether in Downtown Dubai for the Burj Khalifa, sunset beach for the Burj Al Arab, or Palm Jumeirah for the Atlantis.

Many guests book New Year Dhow Cruise from Deira Creek Dubai not just because to see the new year burj khalifa fireworks but also can enjoy BBQ Dinner on board. The guests will be able to see the Festival City fireworks at midnight.

The city is known for hosting a magnificent display of lights every year that attracts hundreds of thousands of spectators around the world

New year Dhow Cruise


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